Making Use of Digital Tools and an Intuitive Website to Retain Clients

In the latest episode of The Small Business Blueprint, host Alex Patterson talks with Alexa Brachvogel about all things digital marketing strategies and web design, listen below. 

Alexa is the founder of Blüm Agency, a San Diego based digital marketing agency founded in September of 2018 which primarily services small and medium-sized businesses. They focus on helping clients with data-based web design and building sustainable digital marketing strategies.


Listen in as Alexa explains the ways in which the pandemic and this new normal have changed the digital industry and in turn, affected small businesses. She discusses some of the top tips and tricks she implemented on her own company and her clients' businesses to turn uncertainty and changes into profitable and relationship-building opportunities.

A refreshing point of view she offers is that marketing agencies shouldn't act as gatekeepers to a lot of digital marketing information and tools. As someone who truly supports the growth and success of small businesses, she believes digital marketing experts can facilitate a lot the basic concepts of building an online presence.

She points out that some digital marketing agencies think, '''Oh, you have to work with us to understand what's going on in your business.' I think that there's a place for that. Some things do get more technical... But at the same time, there's a lot of information that can be taught, and people can take it and use it on their own time."

The founder of Blüm Agency says that everyone can improve their business if they are open to new technologies and and make use of free online tools to improve your business.

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